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About Us

JOGA REMODELING specialized in bringing your home remodel dream to life. We have hand picked our expert Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber, Tiler, Painter and more so that all the work performed is done up to the highest standards.

15+ years of experience has taught us how important it is for you to be the top priority throughout your renovation. To that end we only take on a few jobs at a time to be able to focus all of our time and effort on making sure your vision is fulfilled.

About the Owner​

Jorge Galvan has been in the construction industry for more than 17 years. 

Beginning his career as an apprentice electrician, and handyman helper, he worked his way up to become a Master Electrician, however his skills don't stop there, having worked on the roofing side, carpentry, painting and doing it all helping his father and some other friends in the construction industry, He has mastered the skills needed to problem solve in any situation that presents itself on a job site, of course he has an exceptional crew on his side.

His commitment to you is that you will be his main priority until your remodeling dreams are realized.

"I hope that my experiences throughout my life shows just how experienced and qualified I'm to serve my customers.

My company is based on integrity and excellence and we follow the motto of Joshua 1:9" which says to stay strong and courageous, and to not be afraid of obstacles that lie ahead.

"I give thanks God for allowing me to master these skills, and i give thanks for the opportunity to serve others with my knowledge and expertise".


"Man we really appreciated your great work performed in our house, only one word can describe you and your work...AWESOMENESS" thanks for everything, our house looks amazing!!!

Whit & Katie Anderson

"Im so greatfull to have you as my contractor, all your work is exceptional"

Kim Thompson

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